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Welcome to our seminar in SFChina 2008
Welcome to our seminar in SFChina 2008
Time£ºat AM 10£º00¡«10£º50 on Nov.27,2008
Topic: Effect on copper electroplating with different quality pyrophosphate salt
Brief content: the writer introduces the difference of potassium pyrophosphate tested by different standards; indicates that the chelating ability (CAI) is one of the key specifications of potassium pyrophosphate; and studys the copper plating solution with using deifferent CAI pyrophosphate salt by Hall cell test, Halline Cathode test & steady Cathode Polarizing Curve, and compares the adhesion of electrodeposited coating and Voids Content. The results show that the electrode potential, current distribution ablility, chelating ability and electroplating layer quality of high CAI pyrophosphate salt plating solution are better than those of low CAI pyrophosphate salt plating solution; study phosphate ion and tripolyphosphate ion effect polarizing ability, cell electric pressure and chelating ability of plating solution.
Key words: pyrophosphate, standard, testing method, chelating ability index (CAI), copper plating, solution performance, coating quality, polarization behavior
Speaker£ºSonghua Sun: senior engineer, has been engaged in study of polyphosphate production technology, testing, application research for a long time, takes charge of many state level and province level research items. He was appointed as Asian Technical Director by American ChemTech Inc. in 2004, who is in charge of quality control and application research in electroplating and surface treatment of pyrophosphate salt & tripolyphosphate salt.

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