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Potassium Tripolyphosphate

Molecular Formula:K5P3O10
Molecular Weight:448.35
Standard:FCC V
Grade:Industrial Grade¡¢Food Grade

Note on measuring chelating ability(CAI): Weigh out 1.000 g of potassium tripolyphosphate and dissolve it in exactly 100 ml of distilled water to prepare 100 ml of 1% solution. Titrate the prepared 100 ml solution with 1% calcium nitrate solution. Stir until the white precipitate cannot be completely chelated. Record the volume of 1% calcium nitrate used in titration. This volume in ml is the index of chelating ability of potassium tripolyphosphate.

Product Characteristics: It has excellent chelating ability and can form stable chelates with Ca2+ and Mg2+ in hard water so as to soften hard water, increase cleaning ability, and remove dirt. The white precipitate formed from adding 13 ml £¨min£©of 1% calcium nitrate solution into 100 ml of 1% potassium pyrophosphate solution can be rapidly chelated to produce a clear solution. It can form a protective film on the surface of iron, lead, zine, and other metals so as to prevent surface corroding . P2O74- has a strong dispersion ability to disperse finely distributed solid particles so that these fine and trace materials can mix evenly. It has stable pH buffering ability and keep solution pH value unchanged for a long time. It is easy to dissolve in water with solubility of 178g, 194g, and 212g in 100 mL of water at 10 ¡ãC, 25 ¡ãC, and 50 ¡ãC respectively.

Major Application: It is widely used for surface treatment, paint and coating, detergent, boiler antiscaling, food additive, oil well drilling, textile dye printing ancillary, and others.

Technical Specification

FCC V Specification£º

Typical Value




White powder

White powder

Purity %



(CAI)¢Ù ml(1% Ca(NO3)2)



pH£¨1%water solution£©



Pb mg/kg

5 max


As mg/kg

3 max

2 max

Fluoride mg/kg

10 max

8 max

Insoluble Substances %

2.0 max

1.0 max

Loss on Dry %

0.5 max

0.5 max




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