American ChemTech Inc. (ACTi) is a well known chemicals manufacturer with 20 years experience, especially in manufacturing, testing technologies and equipments of polyphosphates and polyborates. In order to better explore Asian markets ACTi set up its operation office in Hangzhou China in 2005. ACTi began its cooperation with Zhejiang Wuwangnong Biochemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd(Wuwangnong). in 2006. Wuwangnong was authorized by ACTI to produce and sell its polyphosphates and related products, which gained worldwide recognition in the past two years.
The Company ACTi Asia has several product lines, among which potassium pyrophosphate, copper pyrophosphate, stannous pyrophosphate, potassium tripolyphosphate, sodium borate, potassium borate are the major products. Current annual production capacity is 3,000MT each for potassium pyrophosphate and potassium tripolyphosphate, 500MT for copper pyrophosphate, 300MT for stannous pyrophosphate. Product quality reaches top world level and ACTi is the only company to use the chelating capability of potassium pyrophosphate and potassium tripolyphosphate as technical criteria. ACTi Asia establishes business relation with a wide range of customers ,such as Hankel of Germany, Bridgestone, EAC of Thailand, ENSOO, JOMOO, in and around China. ACTi Asia had a sales revenue of RMB30 million in 2006.